Menu Cart icon

Settings Page #


This is the Plugin Settings page. you can find this page from the setting button on the plugin menu or Go to WooCommerce and Find ”Woo Header Mini Cart ” as a submenu


Menu Shopping Cart  #




Menu Cart Icon: Choose the cart icon for the menu cart, out of 42 icons

Choose a cart style: Choose the cart Style for the menu cart, out of 4 Style

Menu Cart Button Position: Distance from Cart Menu to another menu

  • Horizontal:  horizontal position, unit- px
  • Vertical: Vertical Position, unit- Px

Menu Cart Color: Select the Color for the Button and Text

  • Background Color: Cart Background color
  • Menu Cart text Color: Cart Text-color

Remove Amount from the Menu Cart Button: Click this switcher button if you want to delete the amount from the menu court




After saving the menu cart setting now the menu item icon needs to be set, please see below

Check Screen Option #

Go to the WordPress Admin Dashboard >  AppearanceMenus and look for “Woo Header Mini Cart” as a sub-menu, if not then

  • Checked the “Woo header mini cart” on the top  ‘Screen Options


Add Menu Item #

Inside the add a menu item, you will find “Woo Header Mini Cart”.
Add to the menu by clicking the “add to menu” button. You can use it on any menu, as many times as you like



add menu


add to menu




Menu cart icon in the front-end view: #


Menu Cart icon



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